The Sword of Kings

The Sword of Kings is an ancient relic to the von Kalb family and a powerful magic weapon.

It is a Rune Sword forged and gifted to the noble family centuries ago by the dwarves of Karak Hirn as a symbol of friendship and gratitude after the wars against the Orcs.

It was buried with Augustus von Kalb, one of the last fighting nobles of the family.

During the events of the Putsch of Kroppenleben, Augustus was resurrected by Friederich Reiniger and used as a gatekeeper to guard the ancient dwarven door beneath Castle von Kalb. Miranda managed to defeat Augustus, who fought against his will, and to retrieve the sword.

The foul magic operated by reiniger left evident signs of corruption on the blade, with blackish rust-like stains all over it.

The Sword of Kings

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