The Putsch of Kroppenleben

The Putsch of Kroppenleben is the attempted coup d’etat set up by Friederich Reiniger, former librarian of Castle von kalb, to seize the control over the Barony of Kroppenleben (Wissenland). Reiniger is a capable necromancer and his plan involves some killings and some raisings of the dead.

The librarian slowly suggests to the baron’s weak mind a new, terrible disease and the baron promptly puts the librarian in charges of the research for a cure. Reiniger finds one, of course, and tells Johann to send Hagen, the only von Kalb family members to be actually sane, to Pahl, in order to retrieve some mandrake from his cousin Trubald von Kalb, pivotal in the concotion that could cure this mysterious condition.

With Hagen on the road, Reiniger is free to poison Johann, kill him and corrupt one of the Elders of the Council. Of course, the other Elders are still an obstacle, so Reiniger has them killed and resurrected, just to use them as puppets during the funeral of Johann. After that, the Elders are never seen again, with the sole exception of Reiniger’s puppet, the only surviving one.

To keep the masquerade in place, Reiniger sets up a public, yet fake, Council meeting in which the decision of passing the rule of the city in the hands of the Council itself before the comeback of Hagen is taken. In order to avoid a reaction from the Empire, a messenger is immediately sent to Nuln with the task to ensure the faithfulness of the Council to the Countess and the Emperor through her.

The plan is simple: Frieda, the younger daughter of Johann, is put under a spell that keeps her cathatonic and Hagen has to be killed the very night he comes back from his journey to Pahl. This way, Kroppenleben would be the helpless gateway for the invasion of the Wissenland from the Border Princes.

The night of the putsch, something goes slightly wrong: Klaus Jaeger, son of one of the Elders, by chance witnesses the murder of his father and, unbeknownst to Reiniger, manages to escape the city. He even finds four rangers outside the city and sets out to warn Hagen, childhood friend of his, about the ongoing plan. While in the wild, Klaus has a recently dead body unearthed and sent to Kroppenleben disguised has the dead body of Hagen.

Reiniger doesn’t fall for it, but decides to play along: while the population believes Hagen dead during his mission, the government of the Council is definitely accepted. In the meantime, Reiniger knows that someone is actively trying to foil his plan, so he sets up the tollhouse ambush, near Hornfurt.


The Putsch of Kroppenleben

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