The Journey Onwards

Pahl (Wissenland)
September 3rd, 2500

Miranda started her day like every other day, taking care of the young daughter of Trubald von Kabl, Bellana. While the little, whimsical girl was having her usual breakfast, Miranda was summoned by Ehrl, another servant of the manor.

She was handed an odd shopping list and was told to hurry and buy every single item on it. She promptly ran to Gorby‘s emporium, the only one in the little town of Pahl. The dwarf lent her a hand, the only one he had left, and in the meantime, he told her about the legendary “orico” a slighlty less than mythological animal, in the dwarf’s words. Miranda got utterly fascinated by this story, but didn’t have the time to learn more. So she went back to the manor to discover what purpose did the odds items of the list served.

A mysterious man, dressed in a muddy trenchcoat, was waiting for her, along with Trubald himself, in the lord’s room. The orders of Trubald were clear: follow the mysterious man in a long ride to Kroppenleben, in order to deliver mandrake root to his cousin Johann. The life of the Baron was strictly tied to that delivery.

A horse, that Miranda immediately named Orico, was provided and the two travellers started their journey.



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