Castle von Kalb

Castle von Kalb is the home of the main branch of the von Kalb family and seat of power of the Barony of Kroppenleben.

It’s situated on top of a hill, on the opposite side of the main gate of the city.

Its clearly a hybrid human-dwarven structure, built by the two races as a symbol of friendship back in the days of the human colonization of Wissenland.

Underneath it, a tunnel connects the castle to the underground pathways of the dwarven empire, linking Kroppenleben directly to Karak Hirn and indirectly to many other dwarven underground roads. The passages have been sealed thousands of years before the events of the campaign, but during the Putsch of Kroppenleben, Miranda solves the riddle-lock that kept the ancient dwarven door closed, separating Castle von Kalb from the dwarven empire.

Castle von Kalb

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