The Long, Wet Road to Kroppenleben

September 4th, Road from Pahl to Kolbhugel.

Miranda and the mysterious man ride for the whole day and camp for the night in a field next to the road.

As soon as they fall asleep, a pack of hungry wolves, attracted by the leftovers of their dinner, attacks the two. Miranda has barely the time to wake up and warn her mate before the combat starts.

They manage to fend off the beasts, but the man gets a serious wound to his abdomen, while Miranda has just a few scratches.

The two discover that half the food the they were carrying has been taken away by the wolves, so they decide to sleep a little more and then try to hunt for something the following morning.

September 5th

The hunt goes well and the meal is quite proper, but the man’s wounds aren’t getting any better. In order to make the best use of the daylight, the two get to sleep very early and wake up at dawn.

September 6th

The following day, weather gest worse: rain is pouring abundantly and the two are forced to lead the horses by hand, slowing their pace considerably.

In the middle of the day, while the rain is still going strong, the slippery paved dwarven road that runs from Pahl to Kolbhugel, plays a nasty trick on Orico. The horse slips on the muddy floor and falls into the flooded fields nearby, dragging Miranda with him. After the mysterious man rescued them both, saving them from drawning, he decides to reveal his name: Hagen. Miranda seems to recall his name from the von Kalb lineage, but she’s not sure.



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